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  • Mazda 3 (Sedan and Hatchback), Mazda 6, CX3, CX5, CX9 and MX-5 models available for sale in Qatar are manufactured in Japan.

  • Ideally, when you are located in Doha, you are advised to carry out the service in the Mazda dealership. Building a relationship with your Mazda dealership (National Car Company) offers many benefits. In addition, the extended warranty will be applicable when you service your Mazda with the local authorized distributor workshop.

    In case, if you are travelling to another country, you may service your vehicle at any authorized Mazda dealership service facility. Please make sure to have your maintenance booklet validated when scheduled maintenance is performed. Manufacturer’s warranty of 3 Years/100,000 Kms (whichever comes) as per the warranty conditions applicable to the country of your visit will be applicable.

  • Every Mazda has to be serviced at regular intervals of 5000 Kms or within 3 months (max.)

  • The service and maintenance will be carried out as per Mazda guidelines by trained and experienced technicians under the supervision of responsible workshop managers of each section. All prescribed check-ups will be carried out and only genuine parts will be used. Warranty provisions as listed in the warranty booklet will be applicable for your Mazda if the vehicle is still covered by warranty.

  • Mazda New Vehicle Warranty do not provide for a courtesy vehicle as the repair jobs are generally carried within a reasonable period of time and the service facilities are situated at easily accessible locations within the Doha city.

  • Kindly visit any of the Mazda sales or service locations and provide the new address along with a copy of your vehicle registration card.

  • You may please visit any of the Mazda aftersales facilities located in Doha or Industrial area and provide the new address and a copy of the proof of valid vehicle registration in Qatar in your name.

  • Mazda genuine spare parts are available across Qatar through all our outlets & also with most of the major retailers. Our parts availability fill rate is 97% at any point of time.

  • Mazda genuine spare parts are NOT expensive while being renowned for longevity. They are guaranteed to deliver a sustained performance with the same quality and wear as on the first day you drove your Mazda. They are the only parts specifically covered by the Mazda warranty.

  • Mazda Genuine Motor Oil, formulated by Mazda Japan, gives the best care for your car’s engine. Mazda Genuine Motor Oil assures outstanding engine performance, extends engine life and keep engine clean & lasts longer.

  • Disclaimer: The FAQ questions and answers are intended to be provided for general information in relation to the products and services provided and cannot be construed as a specific policy or liability to be presented as a supporting document for lodging complaints and legal proceedings to any authority. FAQs are subject to be updated from time to time.

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