Every new Mazda comes with a limited warranty that provides coverage in the unlikely event a repair is needed in the first years of ownership.

Manufacturer's Warranty & Owner's responsibility

Terms and Conditions:
We appeal to our customers to take a few minutes to read and understand the below important information's regarding your new Mazda vehicle. For any clarifications please contact our Sales /Service department.

Mazda does not recommend to install any electrical & electronic add- on/accessories on the vehicle. Any such installation may affect the performance of the vehicle& consequential damages. This may also lead to cancellation of warranty for the affected components. For Genuine Mazda Accessories you may visit our spare parts centre.

For the vehicle optimal performance for a long time ,it is recommended to do service at our Service facilities .Our factory trained qualified technicians well versed with Mazda Technology and able to handle vehicles repair perfectly with the replacement of Mazda Genuine Spare parts.We also equipped with Mazda Specialized diagnosis tools which helps for accurate troubleshootingto keep your Mazda vehicles in top condition.       In case, if you wish to maintain your vehicles any other service provider, you must keep service records with the details of parts, lubricants used in each service, and the same to be produced for any warranty repairs.

Recommended service schedule as follows:

  • 1st service at 1,500 km or 30 days [Whichever comes earlier], from the date of sale
  • 2nd service at 5,000 km or 90 days [Whichever comes earlier], from the date of sale
  • 3rd service at 10,000 km or 180 days [Whichever comes earlier], from the date of sale
  • Thereafter, Periodic Maintenance is at every 5,000 km or 3 months [Whichever comes earlier], from the last service


  • We suggest you to bring your Vehicle for service within a maximum of 500 km or 15 days beyond the stipulated service schedule.
  • Mazda does not recommend high pressure water washing of the engine compartment because it may damage partially or fully the critical electronic component’s located in the engine compartment.


New Vehicle Limited Warranty:

Basic Coverage Battery A/C
Audio Paint ReplacementParts/ Accessories
All Models 3yrs. /100,000 KMS 1yr. /20,000 KMS 1yr./20,000 KMS 1yr./20,000 KMS 3yrs./100,000 KMS 6 months/10000 KMS

National Car Company and Mazda committed to repair or replace a component of vehicle that develops a fault within a fixed period of time.
Any component (except the items specified as not covered in the warranty information Booklet) is covered from the date of original retail delivery date of first use or the distance whichever comes first.


Maintenance Records and Proof of Maintenance:
To continue eligibility of warranty and to protect your investment, it is your responsibility to properly maintain your vehicle according to factory recommended schedule outlined in your Owner’s manual. As part of this you may please keep your maintenance records, documents as evidence this maintenance was performed.


  • Always bring your warranty information booklet along with vehicle, while approaching us for any service or repairs.
  • Warranty repairs will only be carried out on presenting the warranty information booklet.
  • Please adhere to the recommended service schedule to avail all warranty benefits.
  • Warranty benefits will be null & void if the service schedule is not adhered to.
  • Please make prior service appointment for scheduled maintenance to serve you in a better way.
  • Normal deterioration or wear and tear items such as fuses, sparkplugs, brake pads/ linings, filters, rubber parts, bulbs, V-belts & Clutch disc are not covered by warranty.
  • Do not tamper with the recommended specifications of vehicle by installing performance enhancement devices or adding fuel/oil cleaning or flushing additives.


Extended Warranty support from Al Khaleej Takaful (AAA)

Your Mazda vehicle is supported with extended warranty by AAA

Please consult our sales staff for more details. The pre requisite to avail these extended warranty support is that your vehicle must be maintained regularly at every 5000 KMS/ 3 months intervals. The proof of maintenance with service history needs to be submitted for each warranty claim. Suggested to do all service maintenance by our factory trained technicians for a trouble free motoring.


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